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The Benefits of Intergrating Coffee Into Your Diet

The Benefits of Intergrating Coffee Into Your Diet

You will rarely find someone these days that doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee. Coffee has become a staple in our society and many people depend on it to get through their days.

There are people out there that don’t believe that coffee should be a part of their diet and so they avoid drinking it. There have always been concerns regarding the side effects of coffee, but much like everything else in this world, it has a lot of benefits when not used excessively.

If you are someone that is yet to be converted to the world of coffee drinking, you may not understand why people are so obsessed with it. Well, along with being a delicious drink, there are a number of health benefits that come with having coffee in your diet. Here is a rundown of the benefits of integrating coffee into your diet.

It Can Help Keep You Awake

Life can be busy and overwhelming. If you are someone that has a full-time job and you struggle to switch off at night, then coffee maybe your best friend. The main reason why coffee is such a popular breakfast drink is that it creates adrenaline, which wakes your body up.

If you are someone that is often sluggish in the morning, you may find that you struggle to do even the most simple things. Instead of heading into your daily tasks feeling exhausted, it is recommended that you indulge in an energy-boosting drink like coffee. Coffee will leave you feeling much more alert, which means that you will be able to start your day well.

If you are someone that drives to work in the morning, you will know just how dangerous the roads can be when it is full of sleepy drivers. Sometimes you need to be more on the ball than usual, due to other people’s carelessness. Coffee allows you to be much more alert, which means that you will be able to make snap decisions that could secure your safety much easier.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

Coffee is a very popular drink among those that are trying to lose weight. Coffee is very flavoursome, which means that you don’t necessarily need to add sugar or milk to it. This means that in its natural form it is actually very healthy, which makes it a great drink to have when you are trying to lose weight.

If you are someone that doesn’t enjoy a hot mug of coffee in the morning, then I would recommend that you try a cold brew. Cold brews give you the same boost of energy while being much easier to drink on the go. If you are someone that wants to try to make your own cold brew, I recommend that you pick a high-quality bean, as it is important to choose the best coffee beans for cold brew, as there will be much more focus on the taste.

Drinking coffee boosts your adrenaline levels. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a cup of coffee just before you go for a workout. Having a coffee before your workout is proven to increase the number of calories that you burn by up to 12%, which means that any workout that you do will be far more successful when supported by a delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee Can Help Your Brain

Studies show that coffee can actually be beneficial to the condition of your brain. High caffeine levels in your blood can reduce the risk of memory loss. People who have a lot of caffeine in their diet are less at risk of developing issues such as dementia and Alzheimers.

If you are someone that is genetically at risk of developing any of these conditions, it may be in your best interest to put a few cups of coffee into your routine.

Since coffee makes you feel much more alert, it is also beneficial to have a cup before you are due to do any mentally based activities. Coffee makes you think on your feet, which is sometimes necessary for completing a mental task.

Owning a Restaurant: How to Achieve Opening Night Success

Owning a Restaurant: How to Achieve Opening Night Success

Whether you’ve suddenly got an urge to start a new business or it has always been your dream since you were a kid, many of us have thought about owning a restaurant at some point in our lives. There are so many kinds of cuisines and so many wonderful fusions that are popping up across the world. If you’re like me and you dream about food on a daily basis, owning a restaurant might be something you might not have thought of before. It’s a great way to connect with the public through their hearts and their stomachs. If you’re about to start owning a restaurant or maybe if you’re just curious, here’s some key tips that can help make your opening night a success.


Use Your Garden Space

If you’re lucky enough to have some outside garden space then you need to make sure you use it! Why not turn the garden into a natural haven for your guests by looking into landscaping from LHP. You can turn your garden into a wholly different experience from the inside restaurant if you like. You should never underestimate the mood and aesthetic value of a good, durable set of fairy lights. Create a gorgeous atmosphere and immerse your guests in an entirely different experience. Just make sure to give the area a roof of sorts to save your guests from leaving unhappily at a sudden, unexpected shift in the weather. You could even look at getting outdoor blankets for the guests in the colder months.


Decide Your Aesthetic

One of the most important things you need to do is decide on how you want your restaurant to look. Are you wanting a more homely feel or do you want your customers to come for more of a themed experience or to a place of undeniable luxury. Having a consistent aesthetic can help with your brand awareness and can create more buzz around your restaurant if your aesthetic is memorable. If you’re not sure where to begin with deciding on an aesthetic, think about what kind of food you’ll be serving and start from there. If your food is more of a fusion of two or more cuisines, why not use cultural influences of the countries of origin?


Social Media is Everything

These days, one of the easiest ways to generate buzz for your upcoming restaurant is through establishing your brand on social media. If you post relevant content on a variety of different social media platforms, you’ll reach a much wider audience and will have a much higher chance of having a booked-out opening night. If you feel like you might be a bit overwhelmed sorting everything else about the business, it might be hard to find the time to create an engaging social media feed. If that’s the case, then maybe you should hire a social media manager? They can help manage and run your accounts and can keep you posted on engagement ratings. They could be the key to getting the word out to everyone about your incredible opening night.


Hire the Right Staff

Something that might be overlooked, it’s important to hire the right number of staff. You want enough chefs and waiters that all of your guests can be served and attended to with a very short waiting time. However, you don’t want too many that all of your guests have a dedicated server or chef and you have extra staff who are literally being paid to stand around and do nothing. You’ll lose money you could have spent doing other things and your guests may feel a bit overwhelmed if they’re being checked up on every five minutes – balance is key.

6 Foods that are also Safe for Cats to Eat

If you are a cat owner, then you will know just how picky cats can be. Cats make it clear that they are in control and will easily reject food that they don’t want to eat. If you are someone with a cat, then you may be looking for meals to make for your pet. It can be unsure to know exactly what cats can eat, as there are some foods that they can’t digest, which means you have to be careful about what you feed them. Here are 6 foods safe for cats to eat.  



This is a very obvious one due to the cartoon depiction of how much cats love fish. Fish is actually really good for your cat and feeding them foods like tuna and mackerel can improve their general health and even their eyesight, so why not cook them up a meal? 


If you are worried about feeding your pet fruit, you don’t have to be for the most part. Cats absolutely adore bananas and given the chance would eat them for any meal. However, due to their high sugar content, bananas should be a rare treat. 


Cats are natural predators and so your pet will be looking to eat meat whenever it can. We recommend that you cook up any meat that you may feed them as this will lower any potential for them to get ill from the raw meats. Also, be sure to skip meats high in salt. 


If you have ever wanted to eat breakfast with your cat, now is the time to. Cats actually really like eggs, you should however make sure they are cooked so you can avoid any risk of salmonella.  


If you want a healthy and filling snack for your pet, we recommend making oats. A recent trend that is taking the world by storm is actually mixing oats with CBD oil and making cbd cat treats for their pets. This is a great treat for pets that easily get stressed, so if your cat is like that, be sure to try it out. 


Cheese is good for your cat because it is high in protein and calcium, so it is recommended that you throw them a piece every now and again. Make this an occasional treat, as you don’t want them to be eating cheese all of the time.  

8 Of the Most Romantic Foods From Around the World

Food and romance have a long history of working hand in hand. We cook for those we love to show how much we care. We take our dates to a romantic dinner to get to know them better. We bring our loved ones their favorite snacks when they are in pain to comfort them.

Not to mention that some foods are proven aphrodisiacs. We spoke to romance experts xinghaoya to find out why certain foods get us in the mood for romance. It essentially boils down to what pleasure receptors the foods activate in the brain. There is some debate on how accurate this is, but it also boils down to personal preference. If you like strawberries and chocolate, you are of course going to love chocolate-covered strawberries.

Today we are going to have a look at 8 of the most romantic foods from around the world. Maybe you can use some of these on your next date.


You will have heard someone talk about how oysters are one of the world’s most popular aphrodisiacs. These slimy, gooey little sea creatures are not the most beautiful things to look at. And the sensation of having them slide down your throat isn’t exactly the nicest. But it has been proven that they have a positive impact on your libido. Paired with nice champagne, these are undoubtedly one of the more romantic foods out there.

Belgian Waffles

Belgium is known for its beautiful scenery and delicious treats. A nation of fantastic food and tasty drinks. And nothing screams a romantic morning breakfast like some light and fluffy Belgian waffles soaked in syrup with some berries on top. The food itself isn’t going to have an effect on your libido like oysters. But the atmosphere you could create while eating these tasty treats is more than enough to get anyone in the mood for romance.


One of the most popular and famous ‘Love Fruits.’ Everything about it screams romance. The red color, the color of love. The sweetness of it corresponds with the sweetness of your partner. Not to mention it is known to improve your mood and release endorphins as well. Two things directly related to romantic moods. Plus, it is very good for your heart as well. So this really is one of the ultimate romantic snacks. And if you’re feeling extra cheeky, don’t be afraid of dipping it in chocolate as well.


Speaking of chocolate, there is no way we could leave it off this list. Historically chocolate is the king of all decadence. There was a time that even a small amount of chocolate was a rarity. So much so that it was presented to Kings and Queens as gifts. Now we are lucky enough to be able to buy chocolate for peanuts in every corner shop and gas station in the country. Chocolate is decadent in the extreme and that decadence is what makes it such a good romance food. Eating chocolate fires the pleasure centers of the brain and puts us in a good mood. And a good mood can easily lead to romance


When you’re sick with a cold or a sore throat there is one remedy people always offer up. Tea with some honey in it. And they are right too. Honey has been proven to soothe sore throats and give you energy. But honey is so much more than that. Honey is famously one of the more romantic food substances out there, primarily because of its incredibly sweet nature. A drizzle of honey on your pancakes. Honey flavors foods. Honey in your tea. All of these are guaranteed to improve your mood and your day.


Small and unassuming. Figs might not be the most popular food out there, but they have a long history directly tied to romance and sexuality. In particular female sexuality. Many poets and authors have capitalized on this link and made this connection for one reason or another. In reality, it all has to do with how healthy and powerful the fig is. Like a strawberry, a fig is extremely good for your body and energy levels. Proven to boost your mood and make you feel good.


There is no worse smell than bad garlic breath. Yet it is consistently one of the most popular flavors on the planet. Garlic bread. Garlic sauce. Adding cloves upon cloves of garlic to whatever dish you are cooking. And it might not seem like garlic is very romantic. But there are a number of health benefits paired with garlic, including some relating to improving your sex drive. Not to mention the love factor people have for garlic makes it a great choice for a cheeky meal for two.


We had to include at least one drink on this list. And you might have expected it to be wine or gin. Both are excellent choices. But we have selected coffee for a few key reasons. Firstly, there is something oddly romantic about a couple sitting down at a cafe in winter, warming themselves with a coffee. Or the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the house as your partner wakes up for the day. Coffee also gives you a lot of energy which is fantastic for use in the bedroom.

6 Fish Dishes That are Both Simple and Delicious

If you are someone that is currently trying your hand at cooking, you may have quickly realized that one of the hardest things about trying to cook is thinking of a recipe to cook up. If you are someone that doesn’t have a natural flourish for thinking up recipes and utilizing ingredients, then thinking of a dish to put together can be an extremely overwhelming task. We recommend that you focus on recipes that involve one ingredient at a time so that you have a few creative ways to put this ingredient to use.   

We recommend that you try and master fish first, as fish has short cooking times and can be used to cook many different recipes. On top of that, who doesn’t love fish? There is nothing better than cooking up a tasty fish meal and relaying some of your favorite fish puns while doing so. Here are 6 fish dishes that are both simple and delicious.  


Avocado and salmon toast  

If you are someone that wants to practice your fish preparation but you are not quite ready to cook anything right now, we recommend that you attempt to make avocado and salmon toast. This is a fantastic dish and depends on quite a lot on presentation, so this gives you the chance to work on your cutting and presentation skills.  

Fish and Parsley Sauce 

If you want some delicious comforting food, then we recommend that you cook up a fish and parsley sauce. This dish is really easy to make and takes barely any time at all. You can choose any fish that you prefer, but we recommend that you go for something simple like a cod or haddock. The sauce itself is a basic white sauce loaded up with parsley and is incredibly easy to make.  


Fish Pie 

This is another dish that brings a lot of comfort and is a real crowd-pleaser. We recommend that you choose a fish that you know and love and mix it with either asparagus or other greens. If you have ever made a pie, then you will need to just follow a common shortcrust pastry and work from there. We recommend that you make the crust thick so you don’t have to worry about any of the liquid seeping out.  


Fish Tacos 

If you are looking for a fish dish that doesn’t take too long to make, then we recommend that you make fish tacos. We like to use crab in our tacos, as it is often described as the chicken of the sea. Crabmeat is extremely absorbent which means that it really soaks up any delicious ingredients that you may want to add to it. This is a great dish to prepare if you are expecting to see a lot of guests or have a big meal and you can cut up a range of salads that can be used to bulk the tacos up. We also recommend making some guac and a nice tangy salsa. 


Fish Cakes  

A really easy but really delicious dish that you can make using fish is fish cakes. Fish cakes are absolutely scrumptious and make for a delicious filling meal on those days where you just don’t want to put too much work into cooking. Pick a fish of your choice, we recommend a haddock. You can then make a seasoned breading coating that you can cook the fish cakes in. Fish cakes can either be fried or oven cooked, we recommend that you fry them so that it doesn’t have a greasy finish and is delicious to eat. 


Fish and Chips 

A staple British meal is fish and chips and it is something that has been made by English people for some time now. All you need is a thick cut of your favorite fish, the right batter, and a fryer. To get the authentic taste, we recommend that you cook the fish in a fryer as oven cooking the fish doesn’t have the same taste.  

When it comes to the chips, we recommend that you cut them quite thick and use very simple seasoning so that you can focus on the flavor of the chips. 

Family Cooking: How to Properly Teach your Child to Cook

Cooking is an essential everyday task that everybody needs to learn if they want to live a healthy and independent life. Teaching your child to enjoy cooking from an early age is the perfect start to usher them into making it an enjoyable experience- you never know, maybe your child could even be the next big chef! There are a few things you should incorporate into your teaching so that cooking can be a happy and memorable experience.


Get them the Best Equipment Possible

When you’re cooking there are many different things you need; utensils, pots, pans and everything in between. Of course, you need to make sure it’s age suitable, from cooking with younger family members I have found dit is het perfecte verjaardagscadeau voor 9-jarige jongen as it allows them to be independent and feel in control of the cooking. You can get cool coloured spatulas and wooden spoons or even a bowl with their name on it! All of this will ensure that your children are engaging with cooking and also having fun!


Bright Colours

Children love bright colours, it gets them engaging with their environment. This way you’re able to keep them wanting to cook, get some food colouring and change the colour of plain pasta into cool and funky green pasta?! That would even entertain some adults- like me!


Start Simple

Start off making simple dishes such as spaghetti bolognese or pasta in a sauce or a packet cupcake set- you don’t want to stress children out about making complicated dishes that require a lot of different ingredients and hard to follow steps. Keep it simple and easy, this way children will want to continue and keep it up as they will feel a sense of accomplishment once they’ve perfected their colourful cupcakes with tonnes of icing and sprinkles to finish it off.


Get Them Watching some Cooking Shows!

We all know that every child absolutely loves watching YouTube, so surf around yourself and find a YouTube channel or even a programme on tv that focuses on cooking but makes it child friendly. When children watch shows they truly engage with it and helps them to understand the possible enjoyment and learning you can get from it- plus, cooking is such an important life skill, you need to learn to cook to survive in the big world!



There are some really good cookbooks out there that show step by step how to make amazing dishes from sweet to savoury and everything in between. Reading and following the books as a family will help to develop a strong and loving bond between everyone, and could possibly encourage the child to want to cook even more. Cookbooks usually have loads of example pictures and end product pictures so that you can always keep track of how well you’re doing by comparing yours to the pictures. And of course, children love pictures, it is visually stimulating and satisfying, so it will help to keep them focused and engaged!