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6 Fish Dishes That are Both Simple and Delicious

If you are someone that is currently trying your hand at cooking, you may have quickly realized that one of the hardest things about trying to cook is thinking of a recipe to cook up. If you are someone that doesn’t have a natural flourish for thinking up recipes and utilizing ingredients, then thinking of a dish to put together can be an extremely overwhelming task. We recommend that you focus on recipes that involve one ingredient at a time so that you have a few creative ways to put this ingredient to use.   

We recommend that you try and master fish first, as fish has short cooking times and can be used to cook many different recipes. On top of that, who doesn’t love fish? There is nothing better than cooking up a tasty fish meal and relaying some of your favorite fish puns while doing so. Here are 6 fish dishes that are both simple and delicious.  


Avocado and salmon toast  

If you are someone that wants to practice your fish preparation but you are not quite ready to cook anything right now, we recommend that you attempt to make avocado and salmon toast. This is a fantastic dish and depends on quite a lot on presentation, so this gives you the chance to work on your cutting and presentation skills.  

Fish and Parsley Sauce 

If you want some delicious comforting food, then we recommend that you cook up a fish and parsley sauce. This dish is really easy to make and takes barely any time at all. You can choose any fish that you prefer, but we recommend that you go for something simple like a cod or haddock. The sauce itself is a basic white sauce loaded up with parsley and is incredibly easy to make.  


Fish Pie 

This is another dish that brings a lot of comfort and is a real crowd-pleaser. We recommend that you choose a fish that you know and love and mix it with either asparagus or other greens. If you have ever made a pie, then you will need to just follow a common shortcrust pastry and work from there. We recommend that you make the crust thick so you don’t have to worry about any of the liquid seeping out.  


Fish Tacos 

If you are looking for a fish dish that doesn’t take too long to make, then we recommend that you make fish tacos. We like to use crab in our tacos, as it is often described as the chicken of the sea. Crabmeat is extremely absorbent which means that it really soaks up any delicious ingredients that you may want to add to it. This is a great dish to prepare if you are expecting to see a lot of guests or have a big meal and you can cut up a range of salads that can be used to bulk the tacos up. We also recommend making some guac and a nice tangy salsa. 


Fish Cakes  

A really easy but really delicious dish that you can make using fish is fish cakes. Fish cakes are absolutely scrumptious and make for a delicious filling meal on those days where you just don’t want to put too much work into cooking. Pick a fish of your choice, we recommend a haddock. You can then make a seasoned breading coating that you can cook the fish cakes in. Fish cakes can either be fried or oven cooked, we recommend that you fry them so that it doesn’t have a greasy finish and is delicious to eat. 


Fish and Chips 

A staple British meal is fish and chips and it is something that has been made by English people for some time now. All you need is a thick cut of your favorite fish, the right batter, and a fryer. To get the authentic taste, we recommend that you cook the fish in a fryer as oven cooking the fish doesn’t have the same taste.  

When it comes to the chips, we recommend that you cut them quite thick and use very simple seasoning so that you can focus on the flavor of the chips. 

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