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6 Foods that are also Safe for Cats to Eat

If you are a cat owner, then you will know just how picky cats can be. Cats make it clear that they are in control and will easily reject food that they don’t want to eat. If you are someone with a cat, then you may be looking for meals to make for your pet. It can be unsure to know exactly what cats can eat, as there are some foods that they can’t digest, which means you have to be careful about what you feed them. Here are 6 foods safe for cats to eat.  



This is a very obvious one due to the cartoon depiction of how much cats love fish. Fish is actually really good for your cat and feeding them foods like tuna and mackerel can improve their general health and even their eyesight, so why not cook them up a meal? 


If you are worried about feeding your pet fruit, you don’t have to be for the most part. Cats absolutely adore bananas and given the chance would eat them for any meal. However, due to their high sugar content, bananas should be a rare treat. 


Cats are natural predators and so your pet will be looking to eat meat whenever it can. We recommend that you cook up any meat that you may feed them as this will lower any potential for them to get ill from the raw meats. Also, be sure to skip meats high in salt. 


If you have ever wanted to eat breakfast with your cat, now is the time to. Cats actually really like eggs, you should however make sure they are cooked so you can avoid any risk of salmonella.  


If you want a healthy and filling snack for your pet, we recommend making oats. A recent trend that is taking the world by storm is actually mixing oats with CBD oil and making cbd cat treats for their pets. This is a great treat for pets that easily get stressed, so if your cat is like that, be sure to try it out. 


Cheese is good for your cat because it is high in protein and calcium, so it is recommended that you throw them a piece every now and again. Make this an occasional treat, as you don’t want them to be eating cheese all of the time.  

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