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8 Of the Most Romantic Foods From Around the World

Food and romance have a long history of working hand in hand. We cook for those we love to show how much we care. We take our dates to a romantic dinner to get to know them better. We bring our loved ones their favorite snacks when they are in pain to comfort them.

Not to mention that some foods are proven aphrodisiacs. We spoke to romance experts xinghaoya to find out why certain foods get us in the mood for romance. It essentially boils down to what pleasure receptors the foods activate in the brain. There is some debate on how accurate this is, but it also boils down to personal preference. If you like strawberries and chocolate, you are of course going to love chocolate-covered strawberries.

Today we are going to have a look at 8 of the most romantic foods from around the world. Maybe you can use some of these on your next date.


You will have heard someone talk about how oysters are one of the world’s most popular aphrodisiacs. These slimy, gooey little sea creatures are not the most beautiful things to look at. And the sensation of having them slide down your throat isn’t exactly the nicest. But it has been proven that they have a positive impact on your libido. Paired with nice champagne, these are undoubtedly one of the more romantic foods out there.

Belgian Waffles

Belgium is known for its beautiful scenery and delicious treats. A nation of fantastic food and tasty drinks. And nothing screams a romantic morning breakfast like some light and fluffy Belgian waffles soaked in syrup with some berries on top. The food itself isn’t going to have an effect on your libido like oysters. But the atmosphere you could create while eating these tasty treats is more than enough to get anyone in the mood for romance.


One of the most popular and famous ‘Love Fruits.’ Everything about it screams romance. The red color, the color of love. The sweetness of it corresponds with the sweetness of your partner. Not to mention it is known to improve your mood and release endorphins as well. Two things directly related to romantic moods. Plus, it is very good for your heart as well. So this really is one of the ultimate romantic snacks. And if you’re feeling extra cheeky, don’t be afraid of dipping it in chocolate as well.


Speaking of chocolate, there is no way we could leave it off this list. Historically chocolate is the king of all decadence. There was a time that even a small amount of chocolate was a rarity. So much so that it was presented to Kings and Queens as gifts. Now we are lucky enough to be able to buy chocolate for peanuts in every corner shop and gas station in the country. Chocolate is decadent in the extreme and that decadence is what makes it such a good romance food. Eating chocolate fires the pleasure centers of the brain and puts us in a good mood. And a good mood can easily lead to romance


When you’re sick with a cold or a sore throat there is one remedy people always offer up. Tea with some honey in it. And they are right too. Honey has been proven to soothe sore throats and give you energy. But honey is so much more than that. Honey is famously one of the more romantic food substances out there, primarily because of its incredibly sweet nature. A drizzle of honey on your pancakes. Honey flavors foods. Honey in your tea. All of these are guaranteed to improve your mood and your day.


Small and unassuming. Figs might not be the most popular food out there, but they have a long history directly tied to romance and sexuality. In particular female sexuality. Many poets and authors have capitalized on this link and made this connection for one reason or another. In reality, it all has to do with how healthy and powerful the fig is. Like a strawberry, a fig is extremely good for your body and energy levels. Proven to boost your mood and make you feel good.


There is no worse smell than bad garlic breath. Yet it is consistently one of the most popular flavors on the planet. Garlic bread. Garlic sauce. Adding cloves upon cloves of garlic to whatever dish you are cooking. And it might not seem like garlic is very romantic. But there are a number of health benefits paired with garlic, including some relating to improving your sex drive. Not to mention the love factor people have for garlic makes it a great choice for a cheeky meal for two.


We had to include at least one drink on this list. And you might have expected it to be wine or gin. Both are excellent choices. But we have selected coffee for a few key reasons. Firstly, there is something oddly romantic about a couple sitting down at a cafe in winter, warming themselves with a coffee. Or the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the house as your partner wakes up for the day. Coffee also gives you a lot of energy which is fantastic for use in the bedroom.

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