Everything About A Low GI Diet

For a low GI diet, you should have a well-constructed diet plan. A good diet plan has low glycemic foods for the whole day. Meals, snacks, and munchies should all be low glycemic foods. Foods that have a high glycemic index promote eating rather than suppressing the need after filling up. Let us discuss the importance of maintaining a low GI diet.

What needs to be taken care of?

What needs to be taken care of while planning a low Glycemic Index diet should be planned and followed according to the plan? Plan on eating a breakfast that has cereals, bread, and dairy product of low glycemic index. Low-fat yogurts, skimmed and fat-free milk, egg whites, whole grain bread, muesli, oats, etc., have a low glycemic index and release glucose rather slowly, thereby giving a full and fresh early morning feel.

Include fresh fruits like apples and peaches, plums, and pears. Cherries, berries, and other citrus fruit are also low glycemic fruits. Prepare fruit smoothies for an energetic morning drink. Fruit juices that have no sugar in them are also a good idea. If you do not mind vegetable juices, it would not be a bad idea to include veggie juice in the breakfast.

What should be avoided?

You may want to avoid sugar, sugar is not only to be avoided sprinkled over the top, but also sugar-rich foods should have stayed away. Refined flour and processed cereal are also empty calories with no health benefits. Sweetened fruit juices, frozen yogurts with sugar, high sugar jams, etc., should be avoided.

Next is the lunch diet. A lunch diet should also contain low glycemic foods and avoid foods with a high glycemic index. You should include wholemeal pieces of bread like pita pieces of bread and rotis. Open sandwiches, i.e., with a single bread and stuffing, should be had instead of closed sandwiches. Have raw vegetables and salads with light lemon juice and vinegar dressing. If you are a fruit fan, then you may have fresh fruit in your lunch as well. Vegetable soups and low-fat cheeses are also a filling alternative for lunch ideas.

What should be avoided? Take care to avoid potato-based meals of any kind. White bread and pizza bases should be kept away from. Pre-prepared meals and take-outs should also be pampering and not a complete meal.

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How to proceed?

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What is the ultimate solution?

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Opt for a low gi diet and bring changes to your meal plans. Healthy eating increases life span. Being disease-free and fit gives a fitter mind along with a fitter body.


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