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Family Cooking: How to Properly Teach your Child to Cook

Cooking is an essential everyday task that everybody needs to learn if they want to live a healthy and independent life. Teaching your child to enjoy cooking from an early age is the perfect start to usher them into making it an enjoyable experience- you never know, maybe your child could even be the next big chef! There are a few things you should incorporate into your teaching so that cooking can be a happy and memorable experience.


Get them the Best Equipment Possible

When you’re cooking there are many different things you need; utensils, pots, pans and everything in between. Of course, you need to make sure it’s age suitable, from cooking with younger family members I have found dit is het perfecte verjaardagscadeau voor 9-jarige jongen as it allows them to be independent and feel in control of the cooking. You can get cool coloured spatulas and wooden spoons or even a bowl with their name on it! All of this will ensure that your children are engaging with cooking and also having fun!


Bright Colours

Children love bright colours, it gets them engaging with their environment. This way you’re able to keep them wanting to cook, get some food colouring and change the colour of plain pasta into cool and funky green pasta?! That would even entertain some adults- like me!


Start Simple

Start off making simple dishes such as spaghetti bolognese or pasta in a sauce or a packet cupcake set- you don’t want to stress children out about making complicated dishes that require a lot of different ingredients and hard to follow steps. Keep it simple and easy, this way children will want to continue and keep it up as they will feel a sense of accomplishment once they’ve perfected their colourful cupcakes with tonnes of icing and sprinkles to finish it off.


Get Them Watching some Cooking Shows!

We all know that every child absolutely loves watching YouTube, so surf around yourself and find a YouTube channel or even a programme on tv that focuses on cooking but makes it child friendly. When children watch shows they truly engage with it and helps them to understand the possible enjoyment and learning you can get from it- plus, cooking is such an important life skill, you need to learn to cook to survive in the big world!



There are some really good cookbooks out there that show step by step how to make amazing dishes from sweet to savoury and everything in between. Reading and following the books as a family will help to develop a strong and loving bond between everyone, and could possibly encourage the child to want to cook even more. Cookbooks usually have loads of example pictures and end product pictures so that you can always keep track of how well you’re doing by comparing yours to the pictures. And of course, children love pictures, it is visually stimulating and satisfying, so it will help to keep them focused and engaged!

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