How to Properly Decorate a Café

If you’re opening a café then you’ll know that one of the most important things to ensure that your café is a success is that you have the right aesthetic for your target audience. The more demographics you’re aiming to draw in with your café design makes your café more likely to be a success, so keep this in mind when planning your design. 


Having a theme for your café is a great way to give it a unique selling point attracting more customers and making your design plans much easier. Some of the most successful themed cafes include ones based on films of TV shows, every friends café that has opened has been a great success. Or a café with something extra is another great idea, for example, board game cafés, as people can have a coffee and a catch-up whilst engaging in something fun. Other themes include all-day breakfast only cafes or cereal cafes decorated with cereal boxes, this is different and a bit quirky making more people want to visit. 


Choosing the correct furniture is important when decorating your café, getting a very comfortable recliner is important as the comfort of your guests is just as important and the aesthetic of the café. You could have the coolest looking café in the world but if you have uncomfortable seating, no one will be visiting twice. It is important that the comfortable furniture does fit in with your aesthetic to keep your theme consistent. 

Other Factors 

Having good lighting is a must as people don’t want to meet up with their loved ones in the dark or be blinded by the lighting. The other major thing is the layout, people want to have space around them and not be crammed in right next to other guests as this isn’t very relaxing.  

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