Two Key Towards Healthy Life- cardamom And Pies

Although, people take high dosages of cardamom via pills as a supplement whose dosage is about four hundred to five hundred milligrams per cardamom pill. The dosage is quite high for anyone to be consumed all at once, and that is why you should consult a healthcare specialist or a doctor before consuming for any reason. You might be taking it for some medical reasons, but consulting a doctor and taking his or her opinion before consuming it will be best for you. You do not end up having any side-effects that might bring you any trouble in the future.

What are the benefits of cardamom?
⦁ Cardamom has fiber nutrients that help reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure, significantly improving the heart’s condition. The heart is a vital organ functioning in the human body, making it a compulsion to maintain a better heart condition. The heart functions the blood circulation in the human body, which is vital to stay healthy and alive for a long period. 
⦁ Cardamom has antioxidant properties present, which prevent cancer formation and benefit the heart condition. Cardamom consumption helps the human body to improve different organ conditions. 
⦁ The liver in the human body is responsible for converting food into energy. Cardamom detoxifies and cleanses the liver, which; reduces the chances of liver disease or liver failure. It also improves the flow of bile from the liver, responsible for breaking down the fat stored in the human body. When the liver is in the right functioning condition, the liver’s chances of getting damaged are relatively, very low. 
⦁ Cardamom improves the functioning of the digestive system. The human body’s digestive system needs to function properly as it converts the food into nutrients and energy. Nutrient and energy are very important for the human body to survive.

What are the side effects of consuming cardamom?
Now, as you already know about the benefits of cardamom and how cardamom can introduce an exotic taste into any dish; you must know how it can be harmful to you as well so that you do not end up thinking that you can consume it in, however, amount you wish and, still it will bring no harm to you. According to what has been observed to date, there are no harmful effects of consuming cardamom as it is only used as a spice for bringing flavor into a dish in most cases. That way you, are not consuming it in a large amount and thus are safe for consumption.

Types of cardamom available for you
We all have heard about what cardamom is, how it is beneficial for our health, and whatnot, but what we might not be aware of is the types and varieties of cardamom available in the market and the differences between them. Mostly, you must have only seen green colored cardamom or maybe a black colored on as well, which is usually larger than the green cardamom in size.

Health benefits of having pumpkin pie
You already know that pumpkin pies are great and are enjoyed with friends and family on occasions like Christmas and New Year parties but have you ever wondered why people have them? Is it just the taste of the pie or something else that attracts them so much towards it? The answer to this would be that a pumpkin pie has many health benefits. It is not like any dessert you might have enjoyed to date, which has many carbohydrates and fats in the form of sugar and chocolates but is way more nutritious and healthy than that.
Just a half cup of the filling from the pumpkin pie is enough for an adult to satisfy the daily need for fiber, and just one slice of the pumpkin pie can provide you nutrients more than recommended daily. One slice has a lot of Vitamin A, which is very good for your immune system and eyesight. It also has Vitamin C, Potassium, and iron. All of them help in boosting the mood of an individual and help them feel good. Apart from all this, pumpkin also helps lower the risk of cancer, and what can be better than that? It is lowering the risk of a health issue that has been taking people’s lives all around the world and keeping you healthy.

Pies for Dessert
Christmas is an extremely popular festival, celebrated in countless parts of the world. Cooking pies is an important tradition, which has been followed for centuries. Apart from pies, delicacies such as plum cakes, turkey, tarts, pastries, etc., are made for relishing and satisfying one’s craving soul. After all, the day holds special importance among the Christians. Irrespective of the religion, Christmas is popular among all. The reason behind this is mainly the good dishes made during the festival. Everyone loves pies, and they are very easy to make. However, making a vegan pie employs different techniques. The paragraph below shall discuss this in brief. Apart from buying new dresses, good recipes are prepared, which are mouth-watering and healthy at the same time. However, vegans and vegetarians have a tough time at the dinner table. Most of the dishes made during Christmas are non-vegetarian or contain eggs. Thus, one’s faith gets challenged and hinders the process of enjoyment.

Cooking Quick
Veganism means surviving on a diet that doesn’t consist of any food item derived from living sources. For example, unlike vegetarianism, cow milk is excluded from the diet since the source is a living mammal. Substitutes like soya milk are used. Thus, the procedure is quite complex, and hence recipes are tough to find. A vegan pumpkin pie can be made with the help of a microwave oven.

One requires sufficient pumpkin puree and must knead the dough for pie properly. After stuffing, one needs to bake it inside the oven for a short time. And, the delicious pie is ready to be savored. Don’t use eggs or cow milk in this preparation and keep it stored in cold conditions. 

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