What Are The Health Benefits Of Cardamom?

The export rate of spices in India is extremely high because of the high-quality spice the country produces, which has excellent taste and many different health benefits that not many people are aware of. Spices are almost added to every dish in India as it changes the entire taste of the food and enhances it for consumption with many health benefits to the human body. One such spice is cardamom, cardamom can introduce an exotic taste, but it provides nutrients and health benefits for the people consuming it with different dishes. The health benefits of cardamom relating to the organs present in the human body are backed and supported by science. Here are some health benefits of cardamom without; taking into consideration; its excellent contribution to different dishes to make it perfect.

Types of cardamom
To your surprise, there are usually five different varieties of cardamom, which have different; properties resulting in; different health benefits. Here we will discuss all of them in detail and know which one is used, for what reason, and which might be the best one for you according to the purpose you might be using it for.

⦁ Green Cardamom
The green cardamom is one of the most commonly used and seen variety of cardamom pods available in India especially. They; are picked just when they are small and immature and are dried in the sunlight, which preserves their fresh green color and keeps their aroma intact as well. These are mostly used in Indian households throughout the day, starting from their morning tea, lunch to dinner. The strong flavor of the cardamom is loved by them, and it enriches the taste of any dish or beverage it is added to, which is loved by whoever consumes it.
⦁ White Cardamom
Are you wondering what white cardamom might be? Is it just like the green one only, or is it something different? Well, to all your queries, white cardamom is a lot different than the green cardamom and is nowhere close to it. It is just the name that is similar and, rests everything is way more different than green cardamom. White cardamom is mostly used in Europe and North America. The white color of the cardamom is achieved by bleaching it, which results in decreasing the flavor of the cardamom as well, along with the color. The cardamom is so light in color and tastes that it; is used for baking purposes in cakes and pastries. Its light color does not show in the batter, which makes it perfect for usage in baking stuff, making sauces and, confectionaries too.
⦁ Black Cardamom
The black cardamom is very similar to the green cardamom and is used by the Africans in their dishes. The black cardamom is way bigger as compared to the green cardamom but has a taste and fragrance similar to it. It tastes a bit sweeter than the green cardamom and has a more flowery scent to it which, makes it great for African cooking and dishes. Other than African dishes, it is also used in other countries for adding a flavor, which is like bacon, into the dish.
⦁ Ground Cardamom
The ground cardamom is nothing but the grounded form of cardamom, which is available in the markets. You cannot use cardamom as it is in any dish because when you serve it, someone will have to consume it, which can turn out to; be very strong in taste, and thus nobody wants to; consume it as it is. That is why the cardamom is grounded into a fine powder and retailed in the markets. When the cardamom is; being grounded, it loses some of its flavor and scent for sure, but you can avoid this by purchasing cardamom pods instead of the powder and later grinding it into a powder yourself whenever you want to use it. You can use an electric grinder, spice mill, or mortar and pestle for this purpose. The freshly ground cardamom will be much more flavourful than the packed one.
⦁ Cardamom Seed
The cardamom seeds are extracted from the pods of the cardamom itself and are either sold as it is or grounded to make a fine powder and then is sold. These seeds are also used in many mouth fresheners as they have a sweet taste and a flowery fragrance. The seed form of the cardamom is also known as cardamom decor to some people. About twelve cardamom seeds sum up to a whole pod as they are small in size compared to its pod. They have similar uses as the pod and have almost a similar taste and smell, unlike the white cardamom.

These are all different types of cardamoms available in grocery stores and online groceries as well. You can choose any of them according to your liking and purpose. If you want to use it for cooking dishes that you will be consuming for the main course and are including other spices as well, then you will want to use the green cardamom or the grounded version of the green cardamom, but if you are making a dish with an African twist, then the black cardamom will be the best fit for it. However, black cardamom is also used in Indian cooking by using it while grinding with other spices. If you are a baker or love to bake, then the white cardamom or its fine powder will do the work for you. 

After knowing all about cardamom and its health benefits for you, what is stopping you from using it in your dish? You can use it anywhere you want its flavor and feel fresh throughout the day. The mouth fresheners which use cardamom can also be bought from anywhere at an affordable price. All this sums up the fact of how the cardamom can introduce an exotic taste to any dish and also make it healthy for you and your family. Please do not wait for any other thing and grab it from any store.

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